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They have a good time at the wedding, dance together, and Summer catches the bouquet.She invites Tom to a party at her apartment and falls asleep on Tom's shoulder on the train ride back.One night, Tom gets into a fight with a man who tries to pick up Summer in a bar, which causes their first argument.They make up and Summer concedes Tom deserves some certainty, but that his demand that she promises to always feel the same way about him would be impossible for anyone to make. Tom wants to go back to Summer's place but she insists on seeing The Graduate and weeps at the ending, which surprises Tom as he'd always thought it was a romantic fairy tale.Summer explains that Tom was right about true love existing; he was just wrong about it being with her.She says she got married because she felt sure about her husband, something she wasn't with Tom.

Tom's friend and co-worker Mc Kenzie drunkenly reveals that Tom likes Summer, which Tom asserts is only "as friends", something Summer agrees with.It was pretty interesting for us because Scott was just going through a break-up and I was in a long-term relationship, so we each brought a totally opposite perspective, living it and not living it, and I think that tension helped to bring out more of the comedy".Director Marc Webb has described the film as more of a "coming of age" story as opposed to a "rom-com".Summer puts her hand on Tom's and says she is glad to see he is doing well.As she leaves, Tom tells her he really hopes she is happy.

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Twelve days later, on Wednesday, May 23, Tom attends a job interview and meets a girl who is also applying for the same job.

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