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There is enough bad advice on dating being spewed out on TV sitcoms, talk shows, and blogs to fill legions of single bars, health clubs, and Internet chat rooms.This book will give you practical, no-nonsense commandments on how to make dating work (and please don’t be offended by our political incorrectness).isn't more relationship advice; it's relationship common sense.If people keep the ten commandments of dating, their relationships will run more smoothly, they will be protected from the pain of contemporary dating pitfalls, and they'll be on their way to building living, lasting relationships.During a decade of working with thousands of singles, and gleaning wisdom from my own dating experiences, I began to discover not just relationship theories, but relationship laws.In other words, there were laws of dating just as there were laws of nature.Published in Nashville, Tennessee, by Thomas Nelson. You are tired of pouring time, energy, and money into relationships that start off great and end with heartache.

revised to address the needs of a younger audience, age sixteen and up"--Introduction Includes bibliographical references Introduction -- Commandment one : thou shalt get a life -- Commandment two : thou shalt use your brain -- Commandment three : thou shalt be equally yoked -- Commandment four : thou shalt take it slow -- Commandment five : thou shalt set clear boundaries -- Commandment six : thou shalt save sex for later -- Commandment seven : thou shalt not fall for sex lies -- Commandment eight : thou shalt not ignore warning signs -- Commandment nine : thou shalt choose wisely -- Commandment ten : thou shalt take action"Adapted from the original book ...

Both of us would agree that contemplating our own children being in the dating world only makes us believe more strongly in these relationship laws.

In fact, thinking about any guys coming to the front door to take out my daughters is enough incentive for me to convert to Catholicism so I can check my girls into a convent during those years to come. Our vision in writing this book is to provide you with ten time-tested relationship laws to protect you from the pitfalls of modern dating and to greatly increase your odds of successful dating.

We decided to combine my street-smart insights and observations of relationships with his clinical knowledge and counseling expertise, and this book is the result.

Since this book was originally published, it has outsold our wildest imaginations because of the practical nature of these simple and timeless truths.

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