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Yahoo chat room for fun hookup

Most RV owners don't actually live in their RVs, and those who do usually stay in an RV park.I park on the side of the road, totally disconnected from any sort of outside support. I researched virtually every brand and model and decided that this was by far the best RV available. A regulation parking space is 19', and this baby is only 20'8".

In fact, if I were to sum up all of the reasons this is the best RV (for me anyway), it would be that it is the smallest RV that fits my basic needs for comfortable living. Maybe most important, it forces you to live a simple life and focus on what's really important. Even though you have less stuff, you always have it all with you. Remember the feeling of camping in the woods as a kid?

Tynan, Cylinda and I made a decision today, by this time next year we are kicking common sense out the door. In time we can create nomadic parks, that support us in the highest way. I really enjoyed your blog..been experimenting with tent camping in an RV park instead of commuting my 110 miles (one way) commute to my 3 days a week teaching job.. I no longer feel stressed about the drive, being late to teach, what the traffic is going to be like on the freeway, etc.

We plan to sell everything and hit the road full time for how ever long. Dan you will have to stay strong to take care of Cylind, and you will need someone to support you. Instead I get up, go for a morning run while my coffee perks, swim laps in the RV resort pool, then shower and go to teach my classes at the college, which is located 5 minutes from the park. I have been thinking of an extended van, partly to give me more room and partly cause no one is going to raise any eyebrows if you pull up for a job in a van.

we now live in our new normal of Dr's, Chemo drugs, sticks, pricks good days, bad days, ups and downs. RVing looks like a perfect new life for us..plans... We found your post today and were glad to read about your life in an RV. You will know it is us because on the back it will have a picture of "Cancer Survivor" that I made out of Cylinda's hair when I cut it all off. I also feel this is something I need to do for myself, to get back to being me and reconnect with nature again.

Your world stop when someone finds out they have cancer. I have felt like I have only been drifting in this life when I know there is so much more for me out there.

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