Who is penelope garcia dating

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Who is penelope garcia dating

Garcia is extremely close to JJ and Emily Prentiss.Time and again they have "Girls Night Out" which lasted till early morning instead of a couple of hours.Garcia is afraid of losing a partner, as she risked her career by taking down a federal website to stop her boyfriend, Kevin Lynch, from being transferred out of country for a job, though after she accidentally let a detail slip while talking to him, he was annoyed slightly, but happy for the action on her part.Her moment of truth came in the 9th season episode "Demons" when she was forced to shoot an assassin sent to kill Reid by a corrupt sheriffs deputy.

Garcia is extremely and emotionally excited when she learns that Prentiss is alive and shocked when she returns.However, according to Agent Hotchner, she "fills her office with figurines and color to remind herself to smile as the horror fills her screens". She has managed to remain so, even though the job occasionally requires her to dig into people's secret lives, to "find the god-awful thing that happened to them that made them do the god-awful thing to someone else".Many team members have commented in various ways, that her optimism is an aid to them, that (as Hotch said) they would never want her to change.She's also quick to forgive her, JJ, and Hotch for the deception.It is also revealed that she has been taking care of Emily's cat, Sergio, and when Emily inquires about him, Garcia promptly demands visitation rights.

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She also made a guest appearance during season 1 of Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders,"Extreme Aggressor" 1x01, September 22, 2005 (on Criminal Minds) "Two of a Kind" 1x01, February 16, 2011 (on Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior) "Denial" 1x03, March 30, 2016 (on Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders)Eddie Garcia (step-brother) Manny Garcia (step-brother) Ralphie Garcia (step-brother) Carlos Garcia (step-brother) Barbara Garcia (mother; deceased) Unnamed father Emilio Garcia (step-father; deceased) Henry La Montagne (godson, via JJ) Garcia is from San Francisco.

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