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AJ Lee isn’t without her share of famous ex’s all her own, and while Punk’s exes might be the ones with more cause to speak out about how weird the situation was, it was AJ’s ex who went public with his thoughts on her new relationship.

One of AJ’s highest profile relationships prior to Punk was with future ROH World Champion Jay Lethal, who incidentally was also her first trainer in the wrestling industry.

It has remained unclear whether Lethal simply made the comment to generate heat or if there was genuine animosity between the him and Punk or Lee, and neither AJ nor Punk have offered any response.Unlike the many celebrity couples who like to go all out on their wedding, Punk and AJ were married in a very small ceremony so scarcely attended that news of their nuptials weren’t confirmed until a few days after they were hitched.For as loud and bombastic as both Punk and AJ’s personalities can be in the ring, when it comes to their personal lives, Punk in particular has always been reserved and unwilling to share too much of his life with the public."We were friends on the road for so long and she knew everything about me. I would tell her every stupid thing I ever did, and it's come back to bite me in the ass in certain respects, but there's no secrets, and I'd have it no other way." CM Punk and AJ Lee are undoubtedly one of the most athletically gifted power couples in all of sports, and as he gets set for his UFC debut, you can click through the gallery to see and learn more about the impressive duo.

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