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You think he’s cute, and he always comes by to talk to you… Well, it’s really because most men are nothing but “moys”: men and boys put together—man-boys, if you will. It’s probably the reason why we’re so adorable at times and so frustrating in others. He seems like he likes you but he’s always making fun of you. Why do men always seem to take jabs at women they like?

I’ve helped millions of men and women around the globe achieve success in their dating, social and personal lives.And men are definitely not as emotionally mature as women. So the next time a guy teases you, don’t get all offended by it. Unless of course he teases you and says something mean.So a man usually resorts to teasing when they feel most vulnerable. Then at that point, you can look at him and say, “I do not appreciate this type of teasing.Please help me with opinions :) much appreciated xx Hi David, I have recently downgraded to a less demanding role so that I could have more time to be with my 2 teenagers.And it is in this new set up that I'd met my current superior (a divocee); whom I feel is sending me mixed signals. And whenever he mimicked after me - he would smile & hold my gaze.

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the other day he clearly noticed me in the kitchen on my own making a drink in his passing then moment later he wondered.

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