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His personal life and professional life are well managed.

Since he is married to a girl proves that he is not gay.

I'm pretty sure he has an email address but why would he bluntly give that out. Your best chances at contacting him are by sending him a letter.

The current relationship status of Aaron Ashmore is not known.

publicized on October 6, 2010, that he will have a part in Maple Pictures funniness movie Servitude, which stars Joe Dinicol, Lauren Collins, Linda Kash, and John Bregar.

He has been very fruitful in his career and this has given him huge earnings and a delightful net worth.

His ethnicity is not available in social networking sites.

Unexpectedly, his colleague Sam Huntington played Olsen in Superman Returns and the two have together seen in Veronica Mars. But it was always, 'Do your school work first,' that sort of thing. Aaron played "Jimmy Olsen" on Smallville (2001) (2006) (TV), while Shawn played Bobby "Iceman" Drake in the X-Men films.He has shined in all of his roles in TV shows and pictures and this has made him the actor he is today.He is not only an astonishing actor but also a very handsome man and his attractive smile has flattered women in the past and will keep on doing so in future.

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He has a delightful net worth of $2 million and this proves how prosperous he has been in his career.

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