White women dating iranian men

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White women dating iranian men

I'm just curious because I honestly think Persian women are god's gift to man. I would love to get something going with one plus a lot live in my area.

I've seen a few dating black guys back in the days so I'm curious about how common intermarrying is for them.

This is not ment rude but more as an advice man; You will not like the funny/racist jokes their family will make about you.. So for example, in California, they are more likely to marry Asians and Latinos.But my family would never object to me marrying a black man or an East Asian man or even a white man- as long as he was respectable, well educated, successful, and kept me happy. But if he makes a thread in a few days saying her Iranian brother and father are making fun of him, don't say I didn't warn him Persian women will marry anyone that makes enough money to keep them happy.I don't know why an Arab muslim women should think she would know Persian women better than me, when I'm half Iranian myself?! They are no different from Kim Kardashian and her Armenian sisters- except they sometimes look more feminine.Not one of my Persian friends ever says anything negative about a guy's race. On the other hand, what they do for a living is ALWAYS a hot topic of discussion. For instance, Persians living in America tend to marry ethnic groups who they integrate with.So for example, in California, they are more likely to marry Asians and Latinos.

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You can try it if you want what century do you live in?

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