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The county consists of lowland crossed by two east-west ridges—the chalk hills of the North Downs just south of the Thames valley and, farther south, a band of lower greensand rocks, which includes the highest point in the county, Leith Hill (965 feet [294 metres]).

The forested hills, sparsely populated until the 19th century, served two main purposes: as hunting preserves (Henry VIII, for example, built a flamboyant hunting lodge at Nonsuch Park) and as a source of timber for charcoal (used in iron smelting and gunpowder production), construction, and shipbuilding.

Many construction companies have failed because of liquidity problems [14] [16], which occur because of inadequate cash flow management.

Consequently, financial management is recognized as an important management function [5] [9] [10] [12] [18].

Interspersed among those natural areas are suburban areas linked economically with neighbouring London.

Archaeological finds provide evidence of human occupation in the historic county of Surrey dating to Palaeolithic times.

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This cyclic process should be done frequently because of the ever-changing environment of the construction project.