Wapfuck chat in Erotik chattingrooms

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Wapfuck chat in

However I think most people here are wsie enough to make their own decision.

I reluctant to say no we can't have this or that, because where do you draw the line...

Stories / SMS Chat / Funny Stuff / Image Galleries. Willbrady if they copied a site from you then that site must be good in the first place yes, you should be flattered?

Moderators take this down if you feel it's innopropriate! It's not my site, i just saw it, I never took anyones pictures, I was on bango, not all sites are pay sites.

So AFOX, you could use a simple bango number and give people instead of that long URL you have, which is a pain to type into your handset.

Sounds like an advert for bango here - but it's not, believe me.

I don't like seeing on a thread irrelevant posts advertising sth, not only because it is off topic but it's also very disturbing.

There just seems to be a bit of confusion and resentment about what bango is all about, it is actually pretty good!!Their bango wap site and all of them were pay sites.Sorry, i didn't meant to offend you but i don't like that type of advertising (which you didn't meant to do).They are almost religious about being content neutral - believing that content providers know their content and market best.(2) Its up to the Content Provider to decide if, and how much to charge, and for the user to decide whether or not to pay.

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(3) I'm not an expert on "adult pictures" but, having seen some data at Bango, I do know that thay have tens of thousands of WAP users visiting paying adult sites, and many other sites, and a large proportion of users keep visiting (and paying).

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