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Using the native 3ds Max Skylight light type – Either on its own, or as a part of the Daylight system.If this is the case, use V-Ray's own environment dialog to create the skylight effect.In this case, you will most likely get an unhandled exception.

The exact text in the message box may differ, depending on where in V-Ray the error occurred.V-Ray has no control over RAM usage for texture coordinates - you will have to make sure that only the channels you need are actually present in the scene.Using VRay Proxy for Optimizing Scenes objects is also a solution since in that case texture coordinates are also cached to disk along with the actual geometry.The Vray log is always the same: "error: UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: Irradiance map thread Last marker is at .\src\material.cpp, line 1746: VRay Mtl::shade() " I don't like to complaint, but please, please, 100xplease, help me!For troubleshooting installation and licensing issues, please check the Installation PDF Guide.

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CPU overheating or RAM defects – This is another reason for unhandled exceptions that has become quite common recently with the increased clock speed of modern processors.