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My advise would be’ please don’t despair’ even if your pediatrician has taken away every bit of hope of your child’s recovery from autism.

I have seen plenty of cases recovering or becoming quite significantly better after early behavior and Homeopathic intervention.

A Neuro developmental specialist is the right person for diagnosis.

One diagnostic sign that I have always found very useful in diagnosing Autism Early is how the child reacts to his name being called out. If out of ten, the child is responding less than 7 -8 times when a stranger calls out his name, there is a strong chance that the child could be falling in the Autism Spectrum. If you can leave the medical diagnosis aside, Take a brief pause and understand what has happened to your Child ( it will help you in his recovery ). This is stopping him from learning new things Autism Confirmed -Time to go all guns blazing Its now or never, you cant afford delay in this matter.

After good deal of discussion with the parents , I found out that the mother had put the child into a regular primary school .

She reported back after 2- 3 days that the child was not being attended well in the class and was quite isolated . As per my advise , the parents withdrew him from school , he started gaining back his speech and was back on the road to recovery from autism .

I would suggest that one should avoid school for kids with autism in early stage .

This School had no Special infrastructure for handling autism .

I asked the mother to go and observe the child in the school .

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They completely overlook the stimulation that should be given at home.