Updating rhel 4

Posted by / 13-Aug-2020 12:58

Updating rhel 4

The upstream vendor is using open source (mostly GPL) software in their business model.

Packages built and maintained by the Cent OS developers that add functionality to the core distribution.

The Cent OS project is not interested in taking credit for work done by others, so where possible we will leave all vendor file names as they are.

If we must make any changes to a package (due to trademark restrictions, to setup a configuration file, etc.), it will have a .centosx in the filename (the x is the Cent OS version ...

You should understand the implications of enabling and using packages from this repository.

Packages contributed by the Cent OS Users, which do not overlap with any of the core Distribution packages.

updating rhel 4-24updating rhel 4-16updating rhel 4-51

A template may be created by root thus: which produces a file named: new in the current working directory.