Updating one table from another

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I need to answer questions like "what is the total of distinct items in col1" I also need to answer this question "show count of col3 for col1" I expect I will be asked to make graphs and present the data at various normalized levels too. Thanks for the help so far Excel has Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts.

Sometimes, though, detailed data is not available even for projects whose construction is under way (for instance, repetitive projects under a lump-sum contract or projects where the contractor is also the owner) because the contractor may not need a detailed schedule and an itemized estimate.

How do I update a field of one Data Table from another Datatable?

I have 2 Datatables Datatable #1: UPC Quantity Price New Price Datatable #2 UPC New Price I want to update Data Table #1 with the New Price column from Datatable #2 when the UPCs of the 2 tables match.

When there is detailed data is available, such as a schedule, a bill of materials and an estimate (which include costs of resources and their quantities), this data should be used in cash flow forecasting.

However, cash flow compilation based on detailed data is labor-intensive even with the aid of computers because it still involves manual linking of activities in the schedule with available resources.

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