Updating i930 software

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The V3 was the first phone released in the series, followed soon thereafter by the much improved V3i with a collaboration with Apple for i Tunes to be built-in.

Because of its striking appearance and thin profile, it was initially marketed as an exclusive fashion phone, The Razr series was marketed until July 2007, when the succeeding Motorola Razr2 series was released.

T-Mobile's V3r offers a Voice Notes feature which permits forwarding your audio recordings to voicemail as the only storage method.

However, a publicly available SEEM edit permits users to enable the hidden Voice Records feature.

It is the first CDMA version of the Razr without the expandable memory, Bluetooth and SIM card, since Motorola Korea's system was able to produce its own model before worldwide GSM format release.In contrast, currently available SEEM edits can expand the maximum size of video recordings.T-Mobile V3t phone memory is 10.0 MB total, including all system files.It sold 130 million units during its lifespan, being the best selling clamshell phone to date.Complaints were made about dust accumulating between the V3's plastic screen and LCD glass, possibly through an external side button.

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Access to the dust requires peeling off the plastic cover, usually followed by a replacement cover. While distribution was initially limited to specific carriers in North America, the black V3 was widely available elsewhere.

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