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Updating a sony bios after a new power supply

I only detach the notebook battery, so that means I only use power adapter to start the notebook. Duh, I tried to diassemble the notebook, but it's hard. Bought new battery but CMOS still resets the date etc. So i bent them slightly untill i could test the signal on the back of the and - pins on the motherboard... All this time, there is no problem of BIOS date/time resetting itself until recently. One is to send it back to Sony (substitute here your manufacturer), and they will probably tell you that they have to replace the whole motherboard. St=23, E=0000000000052737481, K=9830, Sxi=0, Case=obj(24028) [2] If you still want to try, and you end up with a computer that does not start (at all, only a blank screen, no blinking lights, no sign of life), you are left with two choices.

The only thing that is left to do is to study this code and extract the program, so you will have to put it into some sort of bootable cd, usb stick, floppy etc.

As of Friday last week it is shutting down (without warning) after 30 minutes of uptime.

I have not installed any new hardware recently, nor installed any new software (other than whatever Windows updates came along last week).

I just upgraded my laptop today to W10, and now I can't seem to charge my battery anymore, there was 0 problems before i upgraded from W8.

What it simply says is "Plugged in, not charging", this is pretty bad because my Laptop can only hold max 1½ hour (It's a gaming laptop).

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