Updating a kitchen with paint

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Updating a kitchen with paint

I brought the strips home, cut them to length and attached them around the edges of the cabinet doors with a brad nailer. Ladies, if you’ve never used a saw and a nail gun, you must. 🙂 This is how the doors looked after the trim was added. Of course, I took a day and caulked the cracks and holes and prepped the doors and drawers for painting.I wanted to preserve the beautiful copper hardware, so I used painter’s tape to cover up the hinges before I painted.This home was built 20 years ago, and most of the appliances were original to the house.The microwave was the one appliance upgraded when we bought the house, but it was simple and not too exciting.Updating your kitchen is a great way to boost value and reinvent the entire home.While looking at possible upgrade options, you might develop the assumption that a kitchen renovation is simply too expensive and you need thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars to do everything you need, especially when it comes to the cabinets. It is not necessary to gut the kitchen and pull out all of your old cabinets.

Then I waited a couple of hours before painting the final coats.Once the sanding process has finished, the house painters are then going to apply the new stain or coat of paint.There really is no limit to the kind of colors and shades you have available to you, so regardless of the kind of color palette you are working with, there is a shade of color perfect for you.We instantly fell in love with the Samsung microwave, oven, dishwasher, and Family Hub Refrigerator.It has only been a few weeks, but we are so happy with them!

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