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Updated current dating pilipp

The Company Portal for Windows 10 will now send app logs directly to Microsoft when the user initiates the workflow to get help with an issue.This will make it easier to troubleshoot and resolve issues that are raised to Microsoft.When using Intune with Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME), you can enroll large numbers of company-owned Android devices.Users on Wi Fi or cellular networks can enroll with just a few taps when they turn on their devices for the first time.In the Azure portal, instead of going to the Intune App Protection service blade, you now just go to Intune.There is now only one location for app protection policies within Intune.Admins can block end users from accessing the Windows 10 RS4 desktop until Intune installs policies, apps, and certificate and network profiles during the provisioning of Auto Pilot devices.

Intune App Policy Protection (APP) and Conditional Access (CA) policies are now under Conditional access, which can be found under the Manage section in the Microsoft Intune blade or under the Security section in the Azure Active Directory blade.Note that all of your app protection policies are on the Mobile app blade in Intune under App protection policies.This integration helps to simplify your cloud management administration.You assign this profile to a group that includes i OS devices and non-i OS devices.The graphical chart count shows that the profile is applied to the i OS Overview).

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For example, if the configuration device profile applies to i OS devices, the chart only lists the count of the i OS devices.

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