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Binge drinking, date violence, and even date rape are far too common.In light of this, we would suggest that boys and girls under the age of seventeen should not be allowed to go out on one-on-one dates.Yet many of them stay in the relationship stating, “But I love him,” or “A bad relationship is better than no relationship at all.” Instead of understanding that teen dating is about meeting many different people and that breaking up is not a sign of failure, they're convinced they will find Mr. These six guidelines from Covey for intelligent dating are great jumping off points for discussion between parents and teens: Teaching teens dating basics early on can save them a lot of heartache.

If an older teen displays maturity, common sense, and sound moral judgment, dating can play an important role in his or her growth and development.

Can you provide me with some good guidelines regarding dating relationships and reasonable rules for interaction with the opposite sex?

Answer: Most Christian parents tend to fall into two main camps when it comes to teen dating.

And hopefully, the skills they learn can equip teens to make thoughtful decisions about relationships before entering into marriage.

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The little girl said she had heard it from school friends who heard it from their older siblings. In an informal teen survey, many stated that the only dating conversation they'd had with their parents was about curfew and expectations concerning drinking and driving.

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