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Techno dating pole fibre

(Image: Doug Plummer) A novel offshore wind-turbine design may overcome many of the drawbacks of today's three-bladed propeller-style turbines.As the blades of conventional turbines turn, their own vast weight puts huge stress on the axle and bearing, inducing fatigue in the hub assembly.Oscar, a 31-year-old Spanish farmer who lost much of his face in a hunting accident five years ago, received his donated face, including a full lower jaw replete with teeth, in an operation on 20 March.Led by Joan Pere Barret of the Vall d'Hebron hospital in Barcelona, Spain, the doctors who performed the 24-hour operation expect Oscar to regain 90 per cent of his facial functions, including blinking, talking and eating, through rehabilitation therapy over the next 18 months.(Image: NASA/MSFC/David Higginbotham/Emmett Given) Buildings were casually brushed aside by this powerful landslide, which hit the village of Wangong in south-west China earlier this week.

This map released by NASA shows how temperatures across Asia deviated from their expected values in the period from 20 July to 27 July this year.

With an adult body length of only 14 to 16 centimetres, and weighing as little as 120 grams, the endangered pygmy marmoset is one of the smallest primates discovered.

They are normally found in the rainforest canopies of South America, however this chap was confiscated after being found inside the clothes of a Peruvian citizen by police.

Six Danxia sites, including this one, from various parts of China have this week been " target="ns" Southsea isn't quite far enough west to be part of England's famous Jurassic coast, but sculptors Heather and Ivan Morison have brought a snapshot of the era to the town's seafront.

This 16-metre sculpture is of the non-existent dinosaur "Ultrasauros" – the name given to remains discovered in Colorado in 1972 which later turned out to be a mixture of bones from two other species of sauropod dinosaur, Supersaurus and Brachiosaurus.

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(Image: Josep Lago/Stringer/AFP/Getty) On this July morning, 75 tonnes of sharks are being processed in the city of Kesennuma in north-eastern Japan.

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