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Read the rest of this entry » At some point early in April, the LLOG Facebook page stopped getting automatically updated with links to new posts.As I've previously explained, COFEA consists of almost 139 million words, drawn from more than 95,000 texts from the period 1760–1799, and COEME consists of 1.28 billion words, from 40,000 texts dating to the period 1475–1800.(The two corpora can be accessed here.) Within a day after COFEA and COEME became available, Dennis Baron looked at data from the two corpora, to see what they revealed about the meaning of the key phrase in the Second Amendment: Sorry, J. I just ran "bear arms" through BYU's EMne [=Early Modern English] and Founding Era American English corpora, and of about 1500 matches (not counting the duplicates), all but a handful are clearly military., titled "Antonin Scalia was wrong about the meaning of ‘bear arms’," in which he repeated the point he had made in his comment, and elaborated on it a little.She just can’t wait to give a dose of her burning desire to all of her fans.Watch her get naughty in her movie at the Naughty Head Nurse by clicking here.

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