Taylor lautner and nikki reed dating Real uk sex dates

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Taylor lautner and nikki reed dating

One eyewitness reveals that Rob is an early-morning regular at the News Cafe in the hotel lobby.“He charges coffee to a suite on the ninth floor, where Nikki has a room,” says the eyewitness.“At the end of the night they left together.” So who’s ahead in the battle of the brunettes?“It’s obvious that there’s a lot of chemistry between Rob and Nikki,” Jasmine Mamujee, an extra on New Moon tells Star.Though they have all moved on and gone in different directions with their careers and lives, Hollywood is small enough that they run into each other at events.#temoignage "C'est quand j'ai réalisé que la cigarette avait pris le contrôle de ma vie que j'ai arrêté de fumer pour retrouver ma liberté" huffingtonpost.fr/magali-bertin/…

That’s what any girl does who supposedly still has a boyfriend, right?

“He always looks like he just woke up.” But another hotel insider dishes that shortly after Nikki, who plays Rob’s adopted vampire sister Rosalie Hale, returned to L. for a few days, “Rob was hitting the 12th floor, where Kristen is staying!

” Further taking advantage of Nikki’s absence, insiders say Kristen got cozy with the British heartthrob almost every night she was away, hitting India Bistro on April 4, going to Italian Kitchen the next night and munching on Kobe beef meatballs at Glowal on April 6.

But when Nikki, 20, got back to Canada, she immediately jumped into the fray for Rob’s devotion at Kristen’s 19th birthday party at Chill Winston on April 9.

“Rob was literally sandwiched between the two girls,” says a source, who notes that Kristen, who has been linked to actor Michael Angarano, “was acting like a single girl since Michael was nowhere in sight.” But after the party, Nikki laid claim to Rob, says the source.

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Robsten quickly turned incognito when they noticed people staring, and all of a sudden kept their hands to themselves. While Rob, 22, is sinking his teeth into playing vampire Edward Cullen in New Moon, the upcoming sequel to the megahit Twilight, the real drama is raging off set between Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed!

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