Stop twitter from updating facebook isochron dating methods

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Stop twitter from updating facebook

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The social media interest in Litecoin is steadily rising.

Do you share a lot of videos through You Tube, or do you not have an account at You Tube, and you share videos manually?

Please stop asking me to announce something to help the price. Also, up to the respective companies to announce Litecoin support, not me. About rumors, I am not aware of any Amazon or Facebook partnerships. If you are referring to me I wasn't asking you to announce anything lol, just to apply some pressure to the only exchange in crypto that does not support #litecoin ... If you have already been doing that, my apologies friend.

Aside from sending your Twitter posts to Facebook, you can also send Facebook updates to Twitter.

There is no way to turn this feature off in Twitter; you can only do so from within your Facebook account.

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Facebook and Twitter are powerful marketing tools for businesses.

Linked together, the things you post on Twitter automatically post on your Facebook Page.

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While they may be too long, the app provides a link for your followers to view the entire post.

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