Steve hardy dating show

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Steve hardy dating show

Today, Jeff has been said to be living with his wife in Asia. Steve Hardy (died 1996) Helene Webber (deceased) 3. Unnamed child (2003; miscarriage) Zander Smith (died 2004) 5. Unnamed child (2006; miscarriage) (as surrogate; donated egg) Jason Morgan (1974-present) 5.

Audrey still residents in Port Charles and is often mentioned babysitting her great-grandchildren Cameron, Jake and Aiden, while Elizabeth currently works at GH. Jake Spencer (2007-present) Lucky Spencer (1979-present) 5. Hayden Barnes (1984-present) Hamilton Finn (1972-present) 5. Tom Hardy (1969-present) (adopted by Steve) Simone Ravelle 4.

When Tom returned wanting Simone and Tommy to join him in Africa, they divorced.

Not long after Steve's death Tom returned to Africa; alone.

Simone later took Tommy and also left town after realizing her son would never approve of her new suitor.

Off-screen, Jeff divorced Heather, married a woman named Carolyn, and had two more daughters, Sarah Webber and Elizabeth Webber.

In 1987, Tom Hardy returned to Port Charles after graduating medical school.

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In 2004, Steven returned to town as a doctor at General Hospital.

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