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Sure, he gets to golf with the president and appear on popular talk shows.He has millions of fans to go with his millions of dollars.Right there on the sidewalk, they broke out singing “Lean on Me” — a kind of “We Are the World” collaboration featuring R. Ayesha, ever the actress, put some feeling into it when they got to Mary J. One passer-by even shot them a crazy look, like the Currys were weirdos, until she realized who they were and gasped in shock. Stephen and Ayesha are a real, live romantic comedy. “We didn’t talk much.” In March of 2008, he became a national star.He was the most prolific scorer in college basketball, and everybody knew it after he tore up the NCAA tournament, leading Davidson to the Elite Eight.At the time the injury to his right foot late in the first half seemed like a minor blip to wrapping up the championship season, so they went and enjoyed night life in the ever-popular Uptown. Curry loved the Maynards Fuzzy Peach, which he’d eaten when he lived in Toronto, sugar-sanded gummies that triggered his love for Sour Patch Kids.

All the women sized up Ayesha, checking to see if she was good enough for the church’s darling son.

That’s why the best portrait of Wardell Stephen Curry II, the person behind the star, can be found in his marriage. They’re so perfect.” One balmy night in Oakland, still buzzed from the Warriors’ Game 1 win over Houston in the first round of the 2016 playoffs, the couple had dinner at Ozumo, a Japanese restaurant.

And the public image of their marriage — the happy couple that has endless fun together — pales in comparison to how they are away from the spotlight. I just really look and say, ‘Ugh,’” Steph’s mom, Sonya, said, playfully pointing her finger down her throat before breaking into laughter. Curry had gotten the first of his two playoff injuries that night. A Toronto native, Ayesha would visit Canada with her family and come back with candy from her home country.

Before she even got to “Amen” she realized her prayer had suddenly changed. I’m praying for Stephen’s significant other,’” Sonya recalled telling her husband. He was nominated for Best Breakout Athlete, which required a trip to Los Angeles. Ayesha landed cameos in Disney Channel shows like “Hannah Montana” and “Good Luck Charlie.” They hadn’t talked much over the years, but Ayesha stayed somewhere in Curry’s mind.

She was pretty, sweet to him, ambitious and bright.

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