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Stanley plane dating

The modern tool collector identifies with that desire, and Stanley has become one of the leading collecting areas in old tools.

Clearly, many early carpenters felt that adding one more Stanley item to their tool kit was a desirable goal even if they never used the tool.

My old friend, Hans Brunner, has just released a new publication for hand tool enthusiasts, and for Stanley plane lovers and collectors.

Stanley Planes - An Australian Guide to Identification and Value by Hans Brunner covers most Stanley planes, their manufacturing details and prices realised - as well as illustrative pictures of each plane discussed.

Hans is very specific in pointing out from the opening remarks in this catalogue of planes, that he has written it to address the two most basic questions that people ask - what is it, and what is it worth?

This publication answers both of those questions extremely well.

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Bedrock Planes are dealt with separately, and Stanley variations such as two tone planes, Victor, Handyman and Stanley Gage are also mentioned.

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