Single executives dating loving woman

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Single executives dating loving woman

Other dating gurus may talk the talk, but the Love En TREPreneur has actually walked the walk.

“I would encourage singles to seek people who have had success in their own love lives,” she said.

Then, at age 33, Neely met the man who would become her husband on Match. Her persistence and can-do attitude took her from lonely single to content wife and mother, and she’s eager to share the lessons she learned in those years.

“Without my struggles and dating all the wrong guys, I don’t think I’d understand what it means to be in a happy, healthy relationship,” Neely said. Now I teach others that failures and mistakes can be assets, but only if you take the time to learn from them so that moving forward you start making different, more conscious choices in your love life.” As a professional dating coach, Neely connects with her clients on a personal level and then motivates them to create the relationships they want — just like she did.

Neely met her husband online, so she can provide simple and proven methods to attract the right person on a dating site.

“After reading what you wrote, my old profile pales in comparison,” wrote Rebecca, a 54-year-old online dater.

With an array of personalized services, Neely endeavors to get her clients feeling excited about dating and equipped for success.

She makes the dating process less intimidating by offering sage advice and consistent support to singles of all backgrounds.

Neely’s motivational coaching programs, online dating assistance, self-help book, and image makeovers empower single women seeking genuine connections and lasting relationships.“You transformed my ordinary, cookie-cutter profile, which read like a laundry list, into a very appealing, intriguing, yet accurate portrayal.” Additionally, Neely offers style and image makeovers to women suffering from low self-esteem or in need of a wardrobe overhaul.Her knowledgeable fashion tips help singles develop an eye-catching sense of style, which boosts their confidence levels in dating scenarios.The Love TREP told us she works with women from all professions, including high-level executives and elementary school teachers. Her helpful dating programs lead singles to take control of their love lives.In private coaching sessions, Neely talks through her clients’ dating fears, missteps, and unhealthy strategies.

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