Singapore government speed dating online dating templates

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Singapore government speed dating

"Asia as a whole is aging for sure, and this poses two big strategic challenges," said Donghyun Park, senior economist at the Asian Development Bank (ADB)."One is its negative impact on economic growth, and the other is the need to provide adequate income support for the large and growing elderly population." Demographic Tax Asia has long reaped the benefits of what is called a demographic dividend, or the positive effects of a youthful population in the form of a big labor force and high productivity, but that is changing fast.In all, some 80 animals were adopted as a result of the event."At the moment I think it is difficult if I were to hold my current job and have a child too," Ang said.From flexible immigration policies to extending retirement ages, Asian economies will have to tap into their older people to increase productivity.

This is increasing the burden on its public finances as economic growth stagnates."The work-life balance is something that would be a deterrent." Ang is one of many young people across Asia whose decision to put off having children is worrying their governments.From Taiwan to Singapore, authorities are stepping in to organize speed dating and other matchmaking events in a desperate attempt to stem falling birth rates.Difficulties in building an industrial base and infrastructure deficiencies in countries like India and Indonesia could also get in the way of economic growth stemming from favorable demographics, say experts.While some of these countries try to maximize the advantage of a youthful population, experts warn that Asia has to face that it is aging and come up with policy changes to combat it.

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Held during the Pet Expo on 25-27 March 2016, AVA’s ‘Pawfect Match’ booth provided an intimate platform for 35 shelter dogs and about 160 potential pet owners to interact.

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