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The risk of overdosing is rare but can happen, and prolonged use can lead to a number of canine health concerns.

One of the biggest “pros” of colloidal silver for dogs is that it can be used to treat a huge range of issues.

After this ruling, colloidal silver could no longer be marketed in the US as a drug intended to treat diseases or illnesses, and could only by sold as a health supplement.

The biggest concerns for consumers is usually where the supplement is coming from and how it’s dosed.

In most cases colloidal silver isn’t approved by government regulatory authorities for use as medication, though, and there can be concerns about strength, potency, and soundness of preparation.

The lack of regulation can lead to a lot of variety in the products that are available, and there isn’t always a lot of consistency between brands.

It is a Christian token and can easily be taken off and something else substiuted there - a blue bead might be a nice addition instead. This is a very heavy silver Timor bracelet in its traditional shape. Here is some antique money from the Kingdom of Thailand. When you click to see the entire photo it is enlarged so that you can see more of the details. The largest coin is 1 baht (Rama IV) Mongkut (1851-1861). The bubbly part came into contact with the mold, and the flatter part which looks like waves are washing across it is the top. The coin has been counter stamped while still hot - which might indicate the emperor at the time, the value, or be a personal mark. The wings have been enamelled with blue and decorated with some very small beads.

Externally, gelled versions of the compound can be spread on cuts to promote healing and disinfect the wounds, and liquid iterations can be sprayed in the ears or eyes to help treat infections.

Minor aggravations usually respond the fastest, but more complex conditions and ailments can take longer to heal — which can open the possibility for worsening symptoms and secondary infections.

If a dog doesn’t seem to be responding to the supplement, it might be worth exploring other options.

Most modern antibiotics work much more quickly for serious conditions.

I have a number of new items including about a dozen bracelets which have just been added below with various pendants and necklaces - - and click on the images to see a full size picture of each item... #2 is a pair of hairpins, very similar to each other though one has a single pin and the other has a pair. The pins also have tiny spoon shapes at the ends - I wonder if they were a cleaning tool as well? Somehow this has a contemporary quality to it as well. Any time I try one on, fastening it at my waist, I wish that such romantic items were a part of our culture as well. Nice old ones like these (and many other items) are becoming scarce now so I was happy to find these.

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Most countries have regulatory agencies, usually sponsored by the national government, that set rules and restrictions on medications that can be sold to the public and claims that can be made about their efficacy.

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