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Most girls will be sitting around on the long sofas.

It’s an easy bar to pop your head then move on if nothing grabs your eye, as you can see everything from the door.

It’s fairly negotiable in every Cebu bar, it just depends on the girls’ mood.

Buying a lady drink or two can make it cheaper, but not necessarily.

She then told me lady drinks were 292 and I had to buy her one too, as well as the girl who would sit with me for a set amount of time.

In Angeles City or Manila you pay for sex in two transactions – the barfine paid to the bar, then the tip paid to the girl after sex.Going back another time, a different girl said ‘maybe 4000, maybe 3500, maybe 3000’ with a giggle.This is the first bikini bar you’ll come across if you’re walking on the South side of the road.That seemed really sketchy and the Colon prostitutes were old and hagged, so I told them to take me to a bikini bar I hadn’t seen yet – that was Kanpai.It’s around the corner to the right past Viking and Jolibee.

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A guy working outside Dimples put me in touch with a guide who said they’d take me to a ‘boarding house’ or ‘casa’ where girls are 2500.