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Sexchat random people

Components have become pretty popular these days and I’d like to share some issues we had with them in our game projects.

I was experimenting with component-based game engine architectures for 2 years and eventually stumbled upon (OOP) viewpoint to why I think FRP helps to write more reusable code.

The argument for component-based game-engines usually starts like this: Game-objects should be represented like objects in reality but as the project progresses however, class hierarchies become more and more complex and thus should be split into small, reusable components.

Game developers like abstract and re-usable game-engines after all.

[...] A component model defines specific interaction and composition standards.

[...] In plain English: “In order to allow a new component to be added to an existing environment of components in a game-object and automatically communicate with each other, the communication protocol between the components has to be predefined“.

Plus, it connects with all the apps you already use and love like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Zapier.

A component could be something like: a position, player movement, 3D model, health-points and so on.

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What if we want the player movement to behave just a little differently, like being a little random?

Do we implement a new Random Mover-component, or do we need a new component,… just to encapsulate the random function into a component?

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