Searchmate dating agency

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Searchmate dating agency

The agency does a thorough background check on all newcomers, and every new client is personally interviewed by a member of the team.The Senior Membership Adviser, Julie Lazarus, leads the effort to cultivate a strong and genuine membership of single men and women.Julie is an energetic and straightforward assistant for members in the early phases of joining Seachmate.Hers is often the first face a new Searchmate client sees, so it’s up to her to make sure they get started on the right foot.“We’ve got an honest and transparent profile of that person,” Mike said, “but, of course, it is all extremely discreet.

“Searchmate has become a very strong brand in the UK,” Mike said.

“In the last five years, we’ve grown our database 12 times over,” said Mike Parker, Searchmate’s Managing Director.

“I always say Searchmate is the opposite of online dating.

“Most clients joining Searchmate very much appreciate Julie’s honesty and friendliness,” Mike said.

“She heads up a team of five membership advisers whose job it is to meet with new clients and get to know them extremely well.” Searchmate also conducts thorough background checks before allowing someone to join the membership base.

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“We have the largest database of personally interviewed and ID checked professionals in the UK.” Not just anyone can join Searchmate.

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