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My previous reference to Form 4797 may be an incomplete explanation.

(Unless he has passive income, from the trust or from some other source...) Entering the data on a partnership K-1 screen may in fact produce a return that is mathematically accurate.Taxpayer has a grantor letter for trust and it shows a loss for section 1231 from passthrough activity however, there is not a place on the fiduciary K-1 to input data for a section 1231 loss. Income is reported on the grantor's tax return as if the trust did not exist.There is a place to enter info in the partnership K-1. Report the loss directly on the grantor's tax return, as if it were his, and not in the trust.Thereafter, the court allowed the plaintiff to proceed with its fraudulent transfer claim against BMW, but reduced the amount at issue from approximately .5 million to 3,761.87 because the majority of the transfers at issue occurred outside the two-year fraudulent transfer period under 11 U. As a result, Fisker made payments to BMW in June, July, and December of 2011 and April of 2012 totaling ,579,798.87 (the “Payments”). (collectively, “Fisker”), designed and manufactured plug-in electric hybrid cars.

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The plaintiff alleged that BMW did not deliver engines or other products to Fisker under the agreements.

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