Rapinoe wambach dating

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Rapinoe wambach dating

I respect Megan Rapinoe more than I can say but her and Abby aren't the same person.

Some of you act like she owes something, she doesn't.

Do you think it would have been possible for you to be so candid about your personal life when you were still playing? Considering retirement is like skirting with the reality of what’s to come, and I think that’s why so many athletes decide to do more introspection at that point. happened in April, and the book was supposed to be finished a month later.

When you’re a pro athlete, life is very narcissistic — everything relates back to you and how you play. At first, I was just so embarrassed about what I had done, my mug shot being all over the place, all of it.

She has also been arrested on a charge of driving under the influence and completed a memoir that revealed, for the first time, her struggles with depression and her abuse of painkilling medications and alcohol.

Now six months sober, she spoke on a wide variety of subjects in a recent interview.

If they see their role models in the closet they will understandably assume that they too should live their lives hiding and pretending. I don't see any reason for her not to come out.

She really has absolutely nothing to lose at this point.

Rapinoe has faced absolutely no repercussions due to her coming out, not financial nor professional nor personal nor otherwise, in fact she is now seen as an inspiration and a role model.

When you are getting out of pro sports, you suddenly have to get a little more mindful of what’s going on around you and how you affect the rest of the world. But after a while, I felt like there was no choice: In the addiction world, any secrets are the kiss of death.

Did you always plan to write about your struggles with addiction once your career ended? So how could I write this book without writing about it?

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Since then, Wambach, 36, has begun a career as a television commentator.