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The text will now be sent to the European Parliament for a second reading under the codecision procedure.

This proposed recasting, which contains consolidated provisions and some amendments, was the subject of political agreement by the Council at its meeting on 30 and , subject to the amendments resulting from adoption of the Directive on the solvency margin for life assurance undertakings.

These undertakings must be translated into objectives, activities and specific measures.

Furthermore, in order to verify that the relevant programmes or policies have produced the expected results with regard to equality and quality of life for women and men in the rural environment, it is necessary to use the criteria established for the evaluation of rural development measures in all the regions of the EU. Urges Governments, in their rural development policies, to recognise the role of women in order to improve women's standard of living, ensure employment and basic services and boost rural society itself. Encourages Member States, particularly those which do not do so, to make a systematic diagnosis and prior analysis of development policies, legislation, strategies and projects before they are adopted in order to ensure that they do not discriminate against women and that they contribute as far as possible to promote gender equality.

In some rural regions the rate of female unemployment is twice as high as that of men as a result of a range of factors such as the traditional roles for men and women, the abandonment of rural areas, a decline in the standard of living, isolation or a lack of services, for example transport facilities and child and elderly care services. Recognises that it is necessary to continue promoting the integration of women into the various sectors covered by new sources of employment as part of integrated rural development, such as new information technologies, tele-working, local services, rural tourism, leisure services, services providing childcare and care for dependants, and the promotion of environment-friendly activities. Is aware that adequate training and technical qualification is necessary to facilitate access to these new sources of employment.

Such training should be especially reinforced for women, since this group has traditionally been involved in support for family and community life and has therefore had limited access to the technical qualifications required. Acknowledges that there has been an increase in women's participation in the above areas, but voices its concern at the poor representation of women in processes of decision-making at all levels, and stresses that involving women in rural development also means promoting their participation in decision-making processes and the drafting of plans, as regards establishing the development objectives, strategies and measures to be implemented. Calls for equal opportunities between women and men to be promoted at European level and incorporated into all programmes receiving support from the Structural Funds.

The 2002/2003 marketing year will begin on 1 July 2002.

potato growers are to be paid a compensatory payment of 110,54 EUR/tonne per tonne of starch contained in potatoes delivered to potato starch manufacturers, while potato starch manufacturers are to be paid a starch premium of 22,25 EUR/tonne, provided that they pay producers a minimum price for potatoes intended for starch production; the Commission is to submit a report to the Council on the allocation of quota within the Community, together with appropriate proposals, by 30 September 2004, and at three-yearly intervals thereafter; the report will take account of any changes in payments to potato producers and developments on the potato starch and cereal starch markets.

It provides a legally binding global framework for the sustainable conservation of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture.

The Council adopted a Decision concluding the Protocol between the Community and the Republic of Malta to associate Malta to the Fifth European Community Framework Programme for Research, Technological Development and Demonstration (1998-2002) (The Council adopted a Decision amending the negotiating directives on the establishment of an international framework for the creation of a legal entity for the construction and operation of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor.

With a view to this year's discussion of the mid-term review of Agenda 2000, like the Italian delegation before it at the Council meeting on 18 February 2002 and the German delegation at the meeting on 18 March 2002, the Greek delegation submitted to the Council its position of principle on the common agricultural policy and the mid-term review of Agenda 2000 (9062/02).

The French delegation supported to a large extent the strategic and political approach adopted by the Greek delegation and said that it would also shortly be submitting its position on the matter in writing.

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This involves an in situ diagnosis of functions, needs and motivation of women and men, as well as a strategy that takes account of the diagnosis. Invites the Commission in future proposals to make qualitative assessments of the effects on men and women where that is feasible. Encourages a balanced participation of men and women in decision-making processes, which will contribute to greater local democracy and will have a decisive impact on the life and future of rural communities.

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