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The charity's bosses issued a groveling apology to International development Secretary Penny Mordaunt and 'told of the deep sense of disgrace and shame' they feel.The Aid Secretary announced a fleet of measures to toughen up oversight of the charity sector - including the creation of a new unit to urgently review safeguarding across all parts of the aid sector.Oxfam's deputy chief executive Penny Lawrence resigned this afternoon admitting she is 'ashamed' the prostitute scandal happened on her watch.Ms Lawrence was the programme director for Oxfam's Chad and Haiti relief efforts, which have been plunged into scandal after investigations revealed staff paid victims for sex.Since our mindsets and values are not aligned, we decided to split up in spite of the hurt.” Although they have broken up, they are hoping to maintain their friendship.Rain said, “He is a good person and has many positive traits.Through tears, Rain said, “Actually, we want to be more low profile about our breakup. In the past year, we have talked about how we could continue down our path and hold on to our relationship. We discussed the matter several times, but in the end, we are not on the same page.

I think the hate is gonna be there no matter what but some members may receive less hate than others.

Ms Lawrence's decision to quit her £99,000 a year post came after Oxfam chiefs were hauled into Whitehall amid claims they should lose millions in taxpayer funding.

And a whistleblower said the scandal extended to UK Oxfam stores, where dozens of cases of abuse had been referred to bosses in recent years.

Struggling with his acting career, Keith entered the construction business in Mainland China in recent years.

Rain Tearful Over End of 3-Year Relationship When asked about her relationship with Keith, Rain could not hold back her emotions and burst into tears, “At first, I thought time could heal these wounds and it would be okay.

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While Rain had intentions to marry Keith, the couple could not agree on marriage and ended their relationship in January.