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Outlook Having completed the turnaround phase of its strategy, Telkom is embarking on the next phase, the transformation to growth of its business. s NSR Issuer Rating (local currency) has been repositioned to Aa2from A2 s new NSR (Aa2.za) is one notch higher on the rating scale than the previous NSR (A2) The principal methodology used in rating Telkom was Global Telecommunications Industry published in December 2010 and the last rating action taken was on 1 October 2012. The 31 March 2016 results to be reported on includes the impact of the company?

This entails moving from an efficiency to a growth bias as the company focuses on implementing its new operating model, while maintaining a cost efficiency focus. ) of 17 South African non-Financial corporates in conjunction with the recalibration of the South African national rating scale. The detailed press release regarding this is available for viewing on the Moody? s voluntary early retirement (VERP) and voluntary severance packages (VSP) offered to employees over the twelve month period of approximately R2.2 billion with a related tax impact of approximately R500 million that are not considered results from normal business operations.

We are however confident that we will maintain the current positive revenue growth witnessed in this part of our business.

Excluding BCX, our operating expenses remained flat as we benefited from our multiyear transformation initiatives.

Telkom is currently finalising its annual results for the twelve months ended 31 March 2018, which will be released on the Stock Exchange News Service (? This is due to a significant increase in our effective tax rate from the 15.2% in the prior year to slightly below the South African corporate tax rate and higher labour costs driven by both inflationary and market related adjustments. s reported earnings were impacted by voluntary severance packages (VSPs) and voluntarily early retirement packages (VERPs) of R66 million with a related tax benefit of R13 million.31 March 2017 Reported earnings; Expected change and 31 March 2018 Expected earnings *Basic earnings per share Reported: 738.8 cents; 15% ? 554.1 cents *Excluding VSP and VERP: 749.1 cents; 15% ? 561.8 cents *Headline earnings per share Reported: 721.1 cents; 15% ? 541.1 cents *Excluding VSP and VERP: 731.4 cents; 15% ? 548.6 cents The Group's annual results for the twelve months ended 31 March 2018 will be released on SENS on with a presentation in Centurion on the same day. s conservative capital structure combined with an expectation for single-digit net revenue growth and an average EBITDA margin of about 24% is what S-P cited as the primary reasons for maintaining our current rating position.

The results exclude voluntary early retirement and severance packages and includes operating results of our newly acquired subsidiary, Business Connexion (BCX).The Company announced through SENS on the 18th of August 2017 its intention to commence a procurement process for external audit services for the reporting period ending 31st March 2019. S-P has further advised that the rating review reflects its view of potentially weakening economic conditions as well as political and institutional uncertainty in the country in the next year, which could in turn affect Telkom? The negative outlook of Telkom by S-P reflects the possibility of a downgrade over the next year if the sovereign rating falls further and thereby impacting Telkom.Following an extensive and robust process and in accordance with paragraph 3.75 of the Listings Requirements of the JSE Ltd., shareholders are advised that Board of Directors / Audit Committee intends to nominate for approval by Telkom? This rating action follows the weakening of the South African government? s lowering of the South African sovereign ratings on 9 June 2017. s reported earnings were impacted by voluntary severance packages (VSPs) and voluntarily early retirement packages (VERPs) of R2 193 million with a related tax benefit of R 517 million while the current year impact is significantly lower at R66 million with a related tax benefit of R13 million. and in accordance with paragraph 4.26 of the JSE Debt Listings Requirements, noteholders are hereby advised of the Company? However, having conducted a stress test to assess the company? The prior period reported earnings were impacted by voluntary early retirement packages (VERPs) and voluntary severance packages (VSPs) of R1 523 million with a tax benefit of R446 million. s annual results performance for the year ended 31 March 2018 is in line with the revised guidance that was communicated on 10 November 2017.The presentation will be available for all stakeholders on the Group's website, Furthermore, the agency has changed its rating outlook to negative from stable on the company. s market leadership position as the incumbent telecom provider in the fixed-line voice market in the country as well as its growth prospects in its mobile, broadband and ICT solutions business which offsets the declining trend in fixed- line voice revenues. s global scale rating is now one notch above the country? This is a positive acknowledgement to the turnaround strategy that the company embarked upon almost four years ago and the company will continue to actively manage its costs, cash and use of capital in the most efficient manner possible in the current difficult economic environment.

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