Plesk 10 awstats not updating

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Plesk 10 awstats not updating

Also, if AWStats didn't get updated after a month or so for any reason (but the bug is fixed), make sure to run in c:\Program Files\SWSoft\Plesk\admin\bin via CMD.It will probably run for a while, but that will update AWStats for sure and they should keep on updating after that normally.Once that's installed, download the fix located at the file and paste both cgi-bin and on the Desktop.Open CMD and navigate to c:\Program Files\SWSoft\Plesk\admin\bin and run If there are already active domains on the server, it might take some time until the stats are updated. If there are domains and if it takes longer, make sure not to idle more than 15 minutes in the server because the session will be terminated.The bug should be fixed now and AWStats should be working properly.

When a bot visits your website with a pre-defined IP and no browser associated with its visit, Awstats can also process that visit as a bot and not count it towards your human visits.

The statistics report gives details about the amount of people coming to your website, and other information like: Currently, you can view and print stats from within c Panel.

You can also download raw stats and view them as plain text or import them into a statistics program on your computer.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling awstats within plesk which didnt help. I will only provide teamviewer access to to this task.

If client complains that his AWStats keep on disappearing from Plesk and aren't getting updated, it's most likely that AWStats bug that appears in Plesk 7.5.3 isn't fixed.

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There’s also Google’s popular analytics service, Google Analytics, now one of the most popular analytics tools on the web.

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