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They will claim that I didn’t tithe with the proper motivation or that I gave begrudgingly and that is the reason I haven’t been blessed.

No, that’s just another lie of the Independent Fundamental Baptist Denomination to guilt a person into paying tithes and to cover themselves from the liability of their false teachings.

Tithing – What the Independent Fundamental Baptist Denomination teaches about tithing and why it is wrong.

Before I get started I must premise this section by telling you that this is one of the most dangerous and destructive false teaching of the Independent Fundamental Baptist Denomination.

If you continue reading in that chapter you will see that tithes were food products from the land of Israel which were to be used to compensate the Levites for serving God in the Tabernacle as a replacement for their lost land inheritance rights in Israel (see Numbers ).

Every mention of tithe there after, is a reference to that law.

Numbers 18 is cataloging the duties of the priests and the Levites and showcasing what was done to support them as they worked in the Tabernacle.

The Independent Fundamental Baptist Denomination makes that mistake of stopping at verse 21.

The Mosaic Laws were specifically for the Israelites during that time period.The New Testament teaches proportional giving according to what we have, not what we don’t have (see 2 Cor. The New Testament also teaches that we are to (2 Corinthians 9:7). The Lord is more concerned with your heart attitude and your motivation for giving.The Lord doesn’t want us to give under compulsion or under a belief that we have to. Second, I have never heard a tithe message where Malachi 3 wasn’t used.Even other people would perceive God’s blessing upon them as they returned to tithing.” So what’s wrong with the above? Well it would probably be easier to answer the question, What’s NOT wrong with the above?However, I would like to touch on some of the most important reasons why what the Independent Fundamental Baptist Denomination teaches about tithing is WRONG.

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Since tithing was a part of the Law of Moses under the legal economy of Israel.

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