Outlook updating inbox takes forever

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Outlook updating inbox takes forever

For example, you can tell outlook that Deleted Items older than 3 months shouldn't be cached.Inbox older than 6 months shouldn't be cached, etc.A user who had been using Office 2007 until 3 days ago is trying to acces his Outlook 2010 after the upgrade that I did (before he was working under Windows XP with Outlook 2007 and now he is working under Windows 7 Ultimate and Office 2010).This user used to keep ALL his emails in his inbox, so after a year he reached a 15GB mailbox size!Rather, performance of Outlook just starts to degrade—in other words Outlook gets , particularly when searching or sorting mail.The indexes behind the list views in Outlook just get overtaxed and start to slow down.you could always set limits on how large a users mailbox is allowed to grow.Then use a 3rd party mail archiver like Arc Mail or GFI Mail Archiver to have all messages available to the users, just not in their inbox.

So everytime he wants to see the new emails he must reopen Outlook.

If so, you may have a problem that most people are not aware of: you may have reached Exchange’s , not size, and that count is not that hard to reach well before you run out of mailbox storage space.

The fix is simple: spread your mail across more folders or subfolders; or archive or delete your mail off the server. Note this is a problem only on older Exchange servers—Microsoft has mostly fixed this on the newest ones.

You can also set Outlook to download headers first, then full message bodies.

For remote users, this setting makes it appear their mail all comes in at once. But it sounds like you're having a hard time syncing the machine too.

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Unfortunately it’s not displayed in the Outlook client and it’s not the same as your Outlook version number. What happens when you reach the item limit—how do you know you are exceeding it?

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