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The sympathetic system takes over during periods of extreme danger and stress, focusing all the body’s resources on immediate survival. They also increase blood flow to the muscles and brain, increase strength, increase endurance, reduce inflammation, increase mental alertness, and focus attention on the danger.

This is exactly what you want if you’re in a life-threatening situation.

In your brain, they inflame the amygdala (increasing the intensity of sadness, fear, and anger) and block the hippocampus from laying down memory tracks.The blue area is the hypothalamus, which controls the gray area below it, the pituitary gland.So when the sympathetic nervous system is activated, it alerts the hypothalamus, which alerts the pituitary gland, which tells the adrenal gland (atop your kidney) to make stress chemicals.If these chemicals continue for any length of time, the hippocampus shrinks and the amygdala enlarges. Parts of the cortex (the gray area on the outside that does most of your thinking) are also affected, including the VMPF (ventral medial prefrontal cortex), which controls emotions by calming the amygdala.Other areas in our cortex that help us speak and think coherently also can decrease in size.


However, the safety profile for these subjects is not worse than for extensive (normal) metabolizers.

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