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The state's chief minister who has the mandate to uphold law and Constitution, justified the denial of opportunity on the specious plea that objections raised by Hindu groups should be paid heed to by those who offer prayers and namaz in open space.

Application of force to prevent Muslims to offer namaz cannot be construed either in a legal or ethical sense to be an objection.

There are two aspects of this ideology that need to be noted here.

One is the assertion that India is a country of the Hindus and that the true future of India lies in making a Hindu Rashtra.

Only the criminals would be ruling the country and the constitution is great danger in such situations.

ALSO: ] Denial of open space to Muslims in Gurugram to offer namaz by some groups formed in the name of Hinduism is a negation of Sarva Dharma Sambhav which remains the foundational pillar of our secularism enshrined in the Constitution and integral to the day-to-day life of people.

Or, rather, its history has to be written from scratch.

They have become a part of the grim reality of the daily lives of ordinary people, who have become perpetrators of intimidation and violence, as well as its victims.

Ordinary individuals pursuing their trade and professions have begun to group themselves in localities to preserve and protect what they think, following the Sangh Parivar, as Hindu and truly Indian.

Members of the right-wing Hindu Yuva Vahini attacked students with the demand that the portrait of Muhammad Ali Jinnah hanging in the students' union hall be taken down…Two features of the assault stand out.

The police beat up and injured the AMU students in frank support of the attacking outsiders, and the programme awarding life membership of the students' union to the former vice-president, Hamid Ansari, that was to follow a few hours later, had to be cancelled.

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Other religious groups - Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Jains and so on - will have to live in India on terms determined and dictated by the Hindus, the people who can project what is truly Indian.