Nathaniel marston dating kathy brier celebrate anniversaries dating

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Nathaniel marston dating kathy brier

We are putting together a memory book for Nathaniel's mother from his fans. Links to his personal facebook page as well as the official fan club facebook page can be found here: Support. It is quite an honor for an unfinished product to be invited. We have posted two pages of behind the scenes photos from the set: Prada 1, Prada 2.If you would like to participate, information can be found here: Memory Book (deadline is 12/15/15) ~11-10-15: We have a new press release: Press Release111015 . On October 7, 2012 Nathaniel attended the 9th Annual Daytime Stars & Strikes charity event. Please remember that all photographs are copyright protected and not to be used without express written permission from the photographer. Check out the Bel-Air Film Festival's website for more info: BAFF. Please note that the pictures are property of Walk a Mile Productions and not to be used without express written permission.

Also posted a few new magazine items (including an old interview from 1998): Press 13 . ~7-19-09: Thank you to everyone who sent Nathaniel birthday wishes this year.

So even though all you Nathaniel Marston fans already own this movie, go ahead and buy one for someone's Holiday Gift, win/win! He is still in critical condition at a hospital in Reno, Nevada and his mother, brother and family are at his side. This is not Nathaniel's personal Face Book page (he doesn't have one), but it is the official one sanctioned by him and I will be updating about him there as well as here on his website.

And don't forget to keep sending your well wishes to the P. Please check his official fan club facebook page for updates: NMFan Club Facebook Page and/or his mother's facebook page: Elizabeth Jackson's facebook page. The main difference is that on the Face Book page, you can leave comments and post pictures.

He was ejected from the vehicle through the windshield and upon landing crushed several vertebrae in his neck and back. Doctors initially believed that, should Marston survive, he would be paralyzed from the neck down and need a ventilator to breathe.

But following surgery the prognosis has brightened considerably.

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Not too shabby for a guy who has been off of soaps for over two years. Nathaniel taped an episode of "White Collar" (USA Network, Tuesday, 10pm EST).