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Seemingly satisfied she replied, "Nope." "Oh," Sean said, realizing he had not prepared a second line. He was so drunk and she was so hot he was willing to go anywhere with her. She looked up and down the street again before asking, "Do you have a car? "I have a spot." She grabbed his hand and began walking down the street at a brisk pace, pulling a drunken Sean behind her.She looked at him expectantly, as if waiting for him to say something else. As they walked, Sean took a moment to consider what was happening.Foreword: I know a lot of literotica stories often claim to be a true story.While you may doubt the truthfulness of those claims, be certain that this is 100% based on a true story. He and some friends had decided to celebrate their new fake i.d.'s by getting hammered at the local bars.

"Double D's" she responded, before completely engulfing Sean's cock in a deep-throat.Sean pulled out his wallet and was semi-relieved to find he didn't have 200, only a 0 bill."I only have one," he responded, expecting her to refuse.His house was a few blocks from the downtown bars and it was a walk of only ten or twenty minutes or so.However after a few minutes walking he saw something which caused him to halt in his tracks.

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She was wearing a tank top cut very low, displaying her large breasts to anyone who wanted a glance.