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Posted by / 19-Oct-2019 23:16

There have been many times when meetings got moved around due to vacations or scheduling conflicts.

I tried changing the rule from "Apply to all messages” to “My name is in the To or CC field” I've requested that this question be closed as follows: Accepted answer: 0 points for Automation One's comment for the following reason: Email redirect worked perfectly from Exchange Console but failed from OWA Rules.When you end a recurring appointment or cancel future events in a recurring meeting, any exceptions (including notes in individual occurrences or appointments/meetings moved to different dates) are wiped out, the dates are reset to the default recurrence pattern and all history is lost.You can use VBA to convert a series to individual appointments.Try some of this links for troubleshooting rules - This one might be worth checking out first though... Can you post more details on what information you have chosen while setting up this rule screen shots with the emails blanked out if you can? It is the only rule applied so there should be no conflicts.

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