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The four horses that pulled the chariot on the rooftop have also been documented, and parts of them have survived. One of the ancient wonders was located on the Island of Rhodes and stood 110 feet high.Very little is known of the Colossus of Rhodes, although apparently it was toppled by an earthquake in 226 BC.Skopas did the carving on the east side, Bryaxis on the north, Timotheos on the south, and Leochares on the west, but before they had completed the work the Queen died.They did not stop working, however, until it was complete.

Several of the lion statues that circled the roof are now in museum collections. The size and structure are reasonably well-documented.

After her death, the artisans continued their work until it was finished, as a monument to their own abilities and as a way to make themselves famous.

The Mausoleum was gradually destroyed by a series of earthquakes over the centuries but remained in fairly good condition for sixteen centuries until a severe earthquake damaged the roof and the colonnade in the 1400s. John of Malta dismantled the tomb and used the stones to build a castle, which still stands today in Bodrum.

The Great Pyramid of Giza is the oldest of the ancient wonders, and is the only one still standing in almost complete form.

was built to honour the goddess of hunting, nature, and fertility.

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It was an enormous bronze statue of their patron god, Helios.