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Nathan spun and noticed that it was his roommate and teammate, Antwone ''Skills'' Tanner, that had spoken and he shook his head, automatically correcting his new friend.''No,'' he explained sadly. Nathan had a free period so he jogged down to the gym to get a few free shots in, not realizing Haley's new boyfriend -- and his rival for captain, would be already there.''Scott, nice to see you still need practice,'' Lucas snapped as he lined up a shot and nailed it.

''She's my ex...''Skills noted the sadness in his friend's voice and sighed, patting his shoulder. Nathan shook his head, getting frustrated, and reached for a ball off the cart. I'm kind of struggling with my boss lately, basically he takes me for granted and it sucks but whatever, and so I can officially tell you I'll come down this weekend and be your knight in shining..tees.

A teacher is facing four years jail after she was caught having sex with a 15-year-old boy she was tutoring privately.

Natalya Nikandrova was caught by the boy's mother performing a sex act on the teenager at his home in St Petersburg, Russia.

Japanese Meetup is just founded as a meetup group in July 2014 by Shige Nakamura (Founder of Japaneeds). Our mission is to link between the Japanse and the world people (Note: We are NOT for dating or matchmaking) to develop the friendship so that takes a part of the contribution to promote peace and prosperity among all peoples. Who We Are Japaneeds Meetup is sponcered by Japaneeds ( to support the growing Japanese learners community.But you know, Haley's pretty special...she's talented, beautiful, and she's got great taste because she's with me...''''All right Roe,'' Nathan interrupted, whipping around to face him. ''You shut up about Haley, , or I'll make your life here a living hell. Hell, if I get there before Saturday we can both call her back! He did a quick fist pump in the air, not caring who saw him. ''Hey dawg, good to see you're in a good mood,'' he commented happily.''I am,'' Nathan replied with a smile of his own.Yes, Haley and I broke up but she's an amazing girl and what she sees in you, I sure as hell don't know, but if you hurt her I'll make you disappear! Obviously he still loved Haley or else he wouldn't be threatening him so badly. Nathan growled from his position not too far from the blonde male, lining up a shot and sinking it in. '' He shot back the blonde's words and made his way out of the gym, automatically dialing Peyton's cell. I miss you..tell Pey to answer her damn phone, too! ''Nathan chuckled and mentally reminded himself to call her, already proud of his little sister. The two started their way back to the dorms to get ready for the basketball game Duke.

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''I'm why you girls are ganging up on me all of a sudden...''Brooke sighed. She dated that one guy in high school for years before they broke up, and then even before then, you girl and rubbing it in her face that you wouldn't even look at her like that.'' She sighed, unable to figure out a way to fix things for her brother and best friend. I've easily heard two of his songs on the radio this week.