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You shouldn't be concerned by a word they say," I suggested, remembering from my own experience that high school could be hell. But the constant teasing and ridicule is exhausting me, and no one stands up for me because they don't want to be targets too," she said, clearly upset. "Well, unfortunately I didn't inherit that trait," she said, looking down at her own, rather flat, chest, which I thought looked lovely on her ultra-slender body. My boobs are much more a burden than a perk." "How? "They're heavy to carry around all day, which is why I have back problems," I said. are you bored with the same thing day in and day out? She finally summoned the energy to push herself to an upright sitting position. "But all the cheerleaders have big breasts," she said. If you would have asked me fifteen minutes ago I would have said no. some cheerleader or other making Hailey's life a nightmare. No longer horny, I told myself I had no intention of ever going back online. " I asked, thinking it couldn't be as strange as mine. For Hailey I suggested sheer pantyhose as they were soft, sexy and showcased her legs... I didn't even own anything you could call underwear. "She and the other cheerleaders were super nice." "Maybe they finally saw the real you." "Maybe," she shrugged, clearly not convinced. We had dinner, talked about the debate tournament she was competing in in a couple of weeks and chatted about different colleges and which ones she was leaning towards for next fall. Academically she was assured of a very bright future. Suddenly, the strange and surreal chat session with a stranger from Canada intrigued me. Tears streamed down her face as she blabbered, "The cheerleaders were picking on me again. That night, I asked my daughter, "So how was your day? It was weird that in a few months I would be utterly alone. Suddenly it was something that I could hold on to once Hailey was gone. Well, 'chatting' would be a charitable description. I should have closed the chat and headed home, but I didn't. I waited a couple minutes, just staring at the screen waiting for a response. They have a boring job, they live with a man they used to love, they have sex once a month, and they either reminisce about when they were young and carefree, or they bury their lives in their work and children... When he was alive our sex life was still very passionate. He knew that at work I was a no-nonsense lawyer who was always in charge and had to be very assertive in a still mainly boys' club. My panties dampened as I reminisced about David treating me like a complete slut just a couple days before he died.

"I guess," she said, my predictions of the future not making her present feel any better. Proud Mom: Well, I never really thought about it but I kinda am. Having an 18-year-old calling me 'dear' was strange. Proud Mom: I like to know what I'm getting myself into.

I said, "Look Hailey, you're a beautiful girl inside and out. Having an 18-year-old complete stranger tell me she could make my life fun again was even stranger. I'll give you daily tasks to do and if you complete them I'll give you a reward. Now after that message I knew I should have clicked the exit button.

If these girls are teasing you then it's because they know you're better than they are. Curiosity getting the better part of me again, I responded. Yet, I hadn't been punished since before David died. a butt plug in a court room, a vibrating egg at a Christmas party, coating my face with cum and making me parade it around in public when we were in Europe.

This time they were mocking my appearance, calling me trellis-face." Now Hailey was a pretty girl, not with the beauty of a classic model, but more in the girl next door sort of way. It was a few minutes before nine when I grabbed my laptop and logged in. I waited for fifteen minutes, watching the end of The Goldbergs and reminiscing about the eighties when life was so much easier.

Braces were an unfortunate senior year distraction from her lovely smile... I was having a sexual conversation with an 18-year-old. If you're interested, which we both know you are, I expect to see you online at 9 o'clock your time. If not, I'll find another lonely housewife to give my attention to. My head was spinning and being horny, I closed my eyes and slid my fingers inside my panties.

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They pick on you, trying to increase their own self-esteem. Each of these were humiliating, yet doubly stimulating and eventually built to my most intense climaxes.

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