London ontario speeddating

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London ontario speeddating

Rabbi Weinberg personally thanks everyone for all their efforts, prayers and concern. Chanukah is the time that we see how the impossible can become possible, especially for those devoted to fighting for the sake of God and the Jewish people.

Beyond this, each of us can show the Almighty that we want and need Rabbi Weinberg's continued guidance by taking one of his core teachings and committing yourself to grow in that area. Spend 10 minutes a day working on the Torah's Six Constant Mitzvot, the pivotal commandments that focus us on life's ultimate purpose. Reach out to a fellow Jew who is different than you and show him that you genuinely care.

An operation was performed and the doctors are optimistic about the recovery.

He is currently in the hospital, undergoing rehabilitation and gaining back his strength.

The Talmud (Brachot 12b) says: "If a Torah scholar is in distress, one must become sick over him." If we have compassion for Rabbi Weinberg by genuinely sharing in his pain, this arouses Heaven to have mercy on Rabbi Weinberg as well.

Let each of us do what we can to help Rabbi Weinberg -- by storming the Heavens with our prayers, teshuva, and spiritual growth.

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The list -- currently numbering in the tens of thousands -- will be given to Rabbi Weinberg to encourage him in his battle for good health. What the Holocaust did to the Jews, Rabbi Weinberg, of blessed memory, did to reverse it.