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Since the dawn of Judy Garland, it’s been known – or highly suggested – that there’s an element of surviving when it comes to being a child star.

The documentary could have delved further into the pitfalls of childhood fame, but it gives a greater understanding to the way in which addiction can be concealed.

In Lovato’s case, any red flags she was waving were passed off as overactive teen hormones.

“It’s embarrassing to look back at the person I was,” she says, later adding that she recently had a relapse with her bulimia.The evolution from young actor to car crash is a definite pattern and, in more recent years, we’re seeing the results of the Disney child-star boom, where coming of age is intrinsically linked with scandal.In Demi Lovato’s new documentary , she cuts right to the chase about her battles with addiction and the many ups and downs that recovery can take.Sony Alpha Cameras are some of the most advanced and powerful cameras on the market.Sony offers several different models that offer drastically different technologies and features.

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